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The concept of what we know today as a newspaper actually began in Europe on handwritten sheets filled with information on war and politics. The first printed newspaper was published in Germany in 1609. High speed presses in the 1830s made newspapers affordable and able to reach multitudes of people. Today, newspapers are even available over the internet. Times have changed.


Bodega Olé is proud and excited to introduce our bi-weekly Boletín. Boletín in Spanish is “newspaper.” While we will stay away from subjects like war and politics, we will inform you a bit about Spanish history, culture, cuisine, and background about our menu items and specials available for your Spanish dining experience. So take a moment, the Boletín is brief, and enjoy possibly learning a tidbit of something you did not know before about Spain, Bodega Olé, and all we have to offer together.


Muchas Gracias . . . Olé!

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